“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


No socks, no sleeves!

Heat, heat , much heat! Dry weather and clouds of mosquitoes invading our sleepless nights.
Summer was slow to arrive, so that in January  was a little cold, but the heat finally arrived here in Sao Paulo with full force.

do not wanna wake ...
And since Sunday our beloved Vitoria began to get very angry, until mom realized that she was feeling VERY hot as we do, and how she is a child she doesn't need to be worn all the time even if the clothes are cool.

I also discovered that she LOVES to sleep with the fan on and close to her, and sleep without a sheet! Sometimes I was afraid that she felt cold at night and covered her with a sheet, which in a few minutes she pulled out completely.

And yet some heat rash appeared on her chubby arms. Some days the relative humidity was less than 30% and we have used a humidifier. Vitoria has already made ​​it clear: no stockings or sleeves! And we only drive away the afternoon with the air-conditioning at the most inside the car.

Thank God this week we made a new urine test and fortunately everything is fine! Doing these tests is also being quieter - we found a lab that is just minutes from home, and she has collaborated over the past few weeks, peeing very quickly, in less than half an hour. It seems a small thing but it's exciting for us not having to spend a Saturday morning trying to collect pee. We are becoming experts on the subject.

But we still have problems. Day in, day out, she does not want to eat salty food - is it because of the belly, because of the heat, or is it because of growing teeth? (I don't know!) The teeth keep coming: Last week one of them ripped the gum, this week another is pointing.

She does not like to drink water, which hinders her hydration with all this heat. But she loves a juice or coconut water. The nutritionist has cut her delicious orange juice and indicated cranberry juice daily (that many readers had indicated too, thank you!) as prevention of urinary tract infections.

She also cut grains, milk and nuts, at least until her intestines recover from so much antibiotics - she explained that for seven days of antibiotics are required 7 months of treatment for recovery of the intestinal mucosa - well, let's not do the math!

Vitoria also has slept well, sleeping all night in the crib protected with a mosquito net - the mosquitoes love to bite her soft and smooth skin so we have to be careful.

I am much better!

I can now sleep quiet!

February was a difficult month, we still didn't recover completely from the hospital stay in January - but slowly things are improving, and everything is getting lighter and happier. Just as our little princess, free, light and cool in the midst of so much heat!


  1. She grows more beautiful every day.I love little Vitoria.
    XXOO Shirley in Virginia

  2. I just love this little girl! SO thankful for you sweet Vitoria and your sweet mommy! :)

  3. I have been following your blog and videos for awhile. I think you have a lovely little girl--and I mean that--but I also think that Vitoria has lovely parents. I get so encouraged spiritually reading your blog. Your strength amazes me. Thank you so much for sharing Vitoria with all of us!


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