“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8

A summary of our history ...

Vitoria de Cristo was the most wonderful and precious gift we have received in this life. She was an immensely loved and special child, that brightened and rejoiced our lives during the 916 days she lived from her birth, with 38 weeks of gestational life. 2 and half years of an amazing miracle!
During her pregnancy she was diagnosed with acrania and was considered incompatible with extra uterine life. At birth she was diagnosed with anencephaly, diagnosis that came to be questioned over her growth due to her survival, all her reactions and expressions. But medicine has never been able to clearly define her condition, by not being prepared and opened to search all variations and unknowns of these malformations. For us, names never made any difference. She has always been our victory and we always knew she was worthy of love simply by existing.
Our little princess has fulfilled her mission and rested from her journey on this earth on July 17, 2012. Here on this page we share some precious memories of this unique and unforgettable time in which we had her with us and we could learn from all her sweetness and strength, her purity and courage. Having loved and protected her throughout her life was wonderful and transformative for us. Despite missing her immensely, being her parents was the most precious and special experience in our lives. We are very grateful to God for the immense privilege to have her as our daughter.
You can visit our page on You Tube where there are several videos of special moments that we live with Vitoria, and also visit our blog in Portuguese and try to use the translation tool that is available in the right column.

if you want to write me a message this is my email joanaschmitz@yahoo.com.br
Joana de Souza Schmitz Croxato
São Paulo - Brazil


  1. Aloha from Okinawa, Japan!! I was searching for "how to make a shepherd's staff" for my friend, and somehow found this wonderful blog!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your wonderful daughter with us!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful discovery of why we are parents...to love!! The pictures of your daughter shows eye that are full of love! Thank you again!!

  2. If she was doing so well , what happened? I had followed her on Youtube for the last year and fell in love with your adoration of your lovely daughter. I looked on and it was evident that no child was loved more. She seemed to be doing so well, growing, smiling, eating....what happened?

  3. I've watched the love you've shown your baby on youtube for the last year.She seemed so great, she was growing, smiling and eating. What happened?

    1. Hi Roxanna! Thank you for your comment! Vitoria was doing well but when she was nearing the age of two, she developed a condition called neurogenic bladder that caused recurrent urinary tract infections. And infections are always very dangerous, especially for her that had almost no fever and had already taken lots of antibiotics.
      She contracted a super resistant bacteria that caused a fulminant infection within 24 hours, that took her life very fast. We understood also that her mission was accomplished, she wanted to rest, that God had come to get her. Every day of her life was a great joy, and up to his penultimate day of life, she was happy at home with us. She went in peace and so we were also in peace.

  4. I would love to be able to share your story with more of the world! There are people who think the photos of your daughter are/were photoshopped to just get attention. I reverse searched the image I found and found your blog page.

    God does amazing things for our lives and at least she is no longer in pain. God creates the greatest moments in our lives in the most memorable of ways and I am proud you got to experience such a great witness of Gods love and power!

  5. God Bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and vital Child of God with us. I am so saddened to hear of Victoria de Crusto's passing. I know she was your family's world and glorious gift, and that your hearts must be missing such a large piece. You were chosen by God to care for earthly angel, there is no greater reward than to be his chosen parents for his most special children.

    Sending my heart felt love and compassion. Knowing that God has you both in his arms and that your beautiful child of God, Victoria de Cristo, is resting within the heart of God.

    Many Blessings to you.
    God Bless,

  6. God is wonderful, He still give Vitoria 916 days on earth. Love Love Love! Condolences and good luck for the next little angel. ;)

  7. She is truly amazing. My granddaughter was born with anencephaly in August 2013. .She only lived 7 days but was truly an inspiration to so many. Vitoria has welcomed our Madelyn into heaven. Thank you for sharing.


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