“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


Precious moments - sleeping

Remembering some precious moments with our beloved princess!
How she slept so beautiful and quiet when she was two months old!


Princess Vitoria

This is another beautiful video that a follower of Vitoria's blog, Thais França, made for us!

The song of the video is of a Brazilian singer, Ana Paula Valadao, and has a very special lyrics. It also has a video where the singer appears singing with a girl with Down's syndrome. I remember during Vitoria's baby shower, in her pregnancy, some friends sang this song for us, and I cried so much wondering how my baby girl would look like and thinking how precious she was (I admit I was so afraid how she would look like withou hair lol). I sang this song for Vitoria many times during her life, specially in some moments she was sick, and I also sang it for her in that night when she was leaving us, while I held her little and soft hand. I'd like to share it with its translation to English.

After receiving this precious gift in my life and have lived this beautiful story with her, it was clear that, despite many challenges, my beloved daughter was not a mistake of God or of nature, as many may superficially think or talk. Today I have no doubt that, yes, God dreamed the life of my daughter and each of her days were planned and written by Him in his book, as the Psalm says. I would not dare to change even one letter of the story He wrote.

In the eyes of the Father,
You're a masterpiece
that He planned,
With His own hands He painted

The color of your skin
your hair He drawn
Every detail,
In a touch of love

You are so beautiful
Perfect in the eyes of the Father
Someone like you
I have never seen

Oh pretty princess
Perfect in the eyes of the father
Someone like you
I have never seen

Never let anyone say
That you are not wanted
Before you were born
God dreamed about you
This is the lyrics in portuguese:
Aos olhos do pai,

Você é uma obra prima
Que ele planejou,
Com suas próprias mãos pintou

A cor de sua pele
Os seus cabelos desenhou
Cada detalhe,
Num toque de amor

Você é linda demais,
Perfeita aos olhos do pai
Alguém igual a você
Não vi jamais
Princesa, linda demais
Perfeita aos olhos do pai
Alguém igual a você
Não vi jamais

Nunca deixe alguém dizer
Que não é querida
Antes de você nascer
Deus sonhou com você

In the end of the video our friend wrote this message:
Beautiful little angel, today Heaven is in party to receive its newest and distinguished resident, your mission here on earth was fulfilled with honor, you and your parents taught us the true meaning of the word LOVE. May the Lord Jesus, in His infinite goodness, fill with grace the hearts and lives of your brave parents.
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