“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


Cutting the hair

Our little girl is growing, every day greater and more beautiful! Last week finally we cut the tips of her hair (they were a bit dry). She has to use conditioner after shampooing to untangle them. The only time she had cut her hair was before surgery, at 4 months. This time she did not like, Dad held her and I cut the tips with a single snip - and she kept trying to turn back, annoyed. She got beautiful, her hair got another trim after cutting! lol

Now the canine teeth are growing, she is getting a beautiful smile full of teeth! But some teeth take many months to grow and is a very painful process. :-(

Last week we went to the pediatrician, it was very good. She is already with the incredible mark of 12 quilos (32,15 pounds) and 75 cm (29,53 in)! Dr. Luiza gave us a treatment with herbal remedies to improve immunity, one to stimulate the muscles of the bladder and also a homeopathic treatment for prevention of urinary infections. We reached the same conclusion that the infection may have been caused by constipation, as all tests came normal, not indicating neurogenic bladder. But she has a very sensitive bladder and we will continue making weekly urine tests and treatment with a nutritionist to the intestine.

I also went to the doctor because, as I already mentioned before, I'm so tired and getting nervous and worried over little things. When Victoria gets kinda annoyed, I get to be sick with her, nervously. I realized I was living very worried and I was not even able to enjoy the good moments with our baby.He told me that I am suffering from stress, which is very understandable for all that we lived in the last months plus all the concerns and emotions since Vitoria's pregnancy. I'm doing a treatment and I hope to get 100% in order to enjoy each moment of life and be fine to continue taking care of my little princess with all my energy. As she so often needed a little help from doctors and some medications, I am now also in need of help. We are in this fight together!

Please pray for us!


  1. awww... the first hair cut is so special. She is so beautiful. I'm sorry things are hard for you. You have been on a long journey. Praying for you all - you & your girl make a great team.♥

  2. Wow her hair has gotten so long and lovely. Joana - I hope you can get the help and stress relief that you need. So you can fully enjoy your precious girl! BIG HUGS to your family!


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