“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


Some news for day-to-day

We have discovered some very good solutions to offer more comfort and well-being for our beloved Vitoria. We did this beautiful chair, which is actually an adaptation of her stroller, so that she can sit down in a better posture, preventing possible back problems.
A physiotherapist took out the measures of Vitoria and of her stroller and asked us some materials such as foam, wood and fabric and so she mounted the chair by hand. In this picture it was still missing the seat belt that we put later.

The chair is narrow and has armrests that make it easy for her to be sitting with her spine straight. But she didn´t like this new chair in a first  moment.

Am I going to stay here?
(note the position of her foot)

I didn´t like it, I want out...

Aaahhhh! Get me out of here!!

A new attempt on the couch

She got better

This is another very easy and inexpensive solution for children who can not sit alone, without back support. A pair of jeans turned into a huge V-shaped cushion that can be used in several positions for the child sit, lie down, and even play and exercise (using the pant leg as if it were a roll). We applied some fabrics with different textures to stimulate the sensitivity of her hands.

She was a little nervous this day (note that she is contracting her arms) but not because she didn´t like the pants, but because of the growing teeth.

It is also a great place for her lunch.

 sleeping after exercise

Sitting on the sofa. I'm more relaxed because she is not in danger of falling from the couch in this way. She loves to sleep with her hands together.

This was some weeks ago, when we had a hot day in June. She was in a bad mood  because of her teeth. It was she who placed the cloth and let her head covered.

 Did you like the news?


  1. I LOVE the news of Vitoria! She certainly has her own personality, doesn't she?

  2. Wonderful news! I am sure Vitoria will soon get used to her new "chairs" and will enjoy them!
    By the way, I love her "apple" sweater very much, it looks absolutely cute on your little girl.

  3. Im Argentine, but live in Brazil... I found your blog in Portuguese and now in English an Im sharing it with people around!
    Deus abençeo voces dois! sao um grande exemplo de amor, confiança, louvor e fe no Senhor!


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