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Cold days and sore gums

Cold days are here! And we must pay close attention to our little princess so that she doesn´t stay with low temperatures. Somedays I need to measure her temperature many times a day to make sure she is warm, and if not, she needs to stay near the heater, or in bed with a thermal sheet. But once she heats up, I need to know the right time to turn off the heater. Otherwise she gets too hot and gets very upset and nervous!

Besides the cold she has also suffered so much with growing teeth. She gets very angry, fighting, crying, and unwilling to eat. Some days she does not eat lunch or dinner, and also does not want to drink milk, just fruits juice!

very angry
Well, in addition to medications for pain and an ointment for the gums, lot of patience and love also help a lot! Moreover, to relax, an activity that I found that is great, when she gets very attentive and happy, and also helps in balance and support of head and trunk, is dancing with her!
I pick her up on my lap with a really fun song, and dance and sing with her ​​- she gets very straight and firm these times and gets very relaxed. Sometimes when the music ends, she is relaxed and sleeps well.

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