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Great news about Fabio Gabriel

We have good news and beautiful photos to share about Fabio Gabriel, a little friend of Vitoria who also received the diagnosis of acrania during pregnancy and was born on April 8, 2011. He is a beautiful exception, since, unfortunately, in most cases babies don´t live so long after being born.

Fábio Gabriel's parents have been very blessed with this beautiful and warrior little boy. He is already 2 months and 20 days old, and thanks to God he is going so well!

With the grace of God, Fabio's at home, growing and surpassing all expectations. In his first month of life, he had some complications, such as breathing difficulties, and Fernanda had to take him to the hospital. Initially the doctor identified a heart problem, which actually was just a little and unimportant heart murmur. Then they discovered what was causing his respiratory distress was a gastric reflux, and he began to receive a thickened milk. Now he is great and doesn´t need oxygen support anymore!

Fernanda says he is very hungry and cries every two hours for milk. Recently, he started crying throughout all day, the next day as he continued to complain constantly, Fernanda took him to the pediatrician, who requested a blood test, and it was found he had a principle of infection. Fortunately, after a week of antibiotics the infection was tackled and he got happy and peaceful again. What a smart boy that tells his mom he needs to see the doctor!
It's been a great joy for me keep in touch with Fernanda. She spends night and day in this wonderful mission of being mother of this precious baby, so she could not stop to send these beautiful pictures that were taken from him a month ago. She always expresses the immense joy she is feeling for Fabinho´s life (as he is lovely called). They are planning the surgery to close his cranium for July, although there is no scheduled date. This is a very difficult decision to be made.
We praise God for Fabio Gabriel´s life and keep in prayer so that God can lead his parents and doctors about the best cares for him. May the Lord continue to bless and sustain him, giving many happy days with his beloved family. We ask that you who read this blog join us in praying for his life.
What a beautiful baby!
Happy days
peaceful sleeping
clothing with Mickey
Beautiful family photos
What a precious gift from God!


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