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The Right Choice

Dear friends!

I've just watched this very inspirational video on Life Site News, about a mom who refused abortion for his disabled son. It is a very simple and touched video that brought tears to my eyes. She mentions a moment when a girl accused her of being a horrible person for not aborting his son, allowing him to be born and live with a disability. It is exciting to read how such comments hurt his mother's heart, but while many people have also been touched and inspired by her son's life through her courage to love him and show him to the world.

 Lacey  Buchanan wrote : “I am absolutely blown away by the response that the video has had,” she wrote. “I never imagined it would be this big, but I have definitely learned a lesson in not underestimating God’s ability to use people.”
“I am humbled and awestruck with the fact that God is using my son to fulfill His purpose! I just can’t wait to see how He uses Christian in the future!”

She also created a blog where she shares her journey with Christian.


  1. I'm so glad that I found your blog and your story. What an amazing family you are. What a beautiful daughter- and the message is so vivid- God has a plan for her !!! She is thriving and beautiful and happy. You've been given an amazing miracle and something incredible to be a part of. God definitely chose the right parents for Victoria. God bless her and all of you.

  2. That made me weep. I loved watching mom's beautiful, expressive face. The deep love is palpable and wonderful to see.

  3. We live in a society that wants to medicate and operate away all our differences so that we can all stay inside of our tiny and safe comfort zones. We fear anyone or anything that is "other"--not like us--and that fear is what underlies hate. Parents like Marcelo and Joana and Chris and Lacey have taken on the profound responsibility to bless the world with someone who is different, to show that there is nothing to fear, to show what can be accomplished with love. I think this is the key to Everything. The magnitude of it is impossible to express.

  4. Here's the link to Lacey's own posting of her video, so that she, and not someone else, gets "credit" for her video.


  5. What a beautiful and inspiring video. What a precious family! I sat with tears in my eyes and watched Christian's mother's face while sharing their experiences of her pregnancy and the cruelty imposed on them by heartless and ignorant people. Having a child with special needs is an awesome responsibility; not something everyone can understand. I've worked with very special and amazing children through the years and learned more about humanity through them and came to realize God uses these little ones to teach the rest of us very important lessons about compassion and love.

    My heart is totally overwhelmed!

  6. How is it now with you? Big hug and greetings from Holland.


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