“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


Another storm

Our year began with another storm, taking our beloved Vitoria to the hospital... Since Saturday she was agitated and tense and started to have some spasms that have been increasing over the Sunday, when we brought her to hospital. All tests came normal, without evidence of infection, therefore it seems to be a  neurological crises, seizures or something similar.
She was observed during the afternoon and in evening spasms increased and became continuous and very repetitive. She was exhausted but could not sleep at all, so she was sedated. Today at 6 am she got to wake up but then went back to sleep soundly. She began to be not reactive and need little oxygen, and so she was brought to ICU for being better monitorated. The doctor believes it is still the sedative effect. They also put her a probe because the way she is asleep, she is unable to eat orally. They didn´t try to get a venous access (which it is extremely difficult). She is receiving a muscle relaxant and the neuropediatrician will evaluate her soon.
We were very shaken by this new and unexpected complication, seeing our little princess suffer with spasms and have to face hospital procedures again. We are also extremely physically exhausted because we were carrying her all the time (so the spasms became weaker). Now we do not know what will happen. We hope she recovers soon and can be medicated so that spasms do not come back. For now she needs to rest and recover from the stress experienced.
I think there is no greater pain than seeing our child suffer. And there is no greater love than the love parents can have for their child. And our promise to our little princess is that we will love her forever, and that we will always fight with her, no matter how big the challenge is, how great the pain is. We pray God to give us strength and that she can feel better. Please pray for her and for us.


  1. Wishing Vitoria a speedy recovery .

  2. Sending prayers and wishes that the new year gets better for you in no time and stays that way !
    Much love to all of you especially Vitoria

  3. We will pray for you, I have just been introduced to this blog. My name is Maria, I live in London and am waiting for our third child Anna Michelle to be born in the next few days. She also has the anencephaly. We unit with you in Thanking God for all that he has done and will do with these children who speak so much of his presence. Maria

  4. wishing and hoping she will get well soon!

  5. I will carry you, Vitoria and your husband and the doctors in prayer today while I am fasting and praying.
    God bless you with His peace.
    Remember, He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. Hebrews 13: 5
    God is with her and with you. Do not be afraid of what He chooses, He will choose what is good. Vitoria can feel the Savior's presence. Just rest and grow in trust.
    With love Shirley in Virginia

  6. Hoping for a full recovery for your precious girl.

  7. Wishing Vitoria a speedy recovery .We will pray for you

  8. Wishing Vitoria a speedy recovery .Sending prayers and wishes that the new year gets better for you in no time and stays that way !

  9. Praying for your precious Vitoria and for your strength to get through with our Lord and Savior to carry you. We must fix our eyes on Jesus, for we walk by faith and not by sight....May the Lord give you His peace that surpasses all understanding. (Isaiah 26:3-4)
    God bless you!

  10. Hello;
    My granddaughter and I were looking for girls on swings when we came across your daughter's picture. My granddaughter (Gia, 4 yrs old) wanted to see more photo's. We went to your site and she said, "I'm sorry she has a coco" (Owie to her), I said we could pray for her to get healthy and she said she wanted to. She has been telling everyone about Vitoria and how she hopes her coco get's better and she will pray for her at church too. We wish you only good thoughts and healthy wishes for you and your family. Our hearts go out to you all, she is a beautiful child.


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