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Fabio Gabriel: overcoming challenges

Here are some recent photos of Fabio Gabriel! As a reminder, he is a baby who received the diagnosis of acrania during pregnancy and after birth he was also diagnosed with anencephaly. But different from what medical literature and statistics say about this malformations, he was born alive, began to breathe and is almost six months old, exceeding expectations and overcoming challenges.
He and his parents live in Barbacena, Minas Gerais (a state in southeastern of Brazil, near to Sao Paulo). Fernanda recently created a blog to share Fábio Gabriel´s story (in portuguese), describing all the joy and love for her son's life. http://fabiogabrieldedeus.blogspot.com/

When Fabio Gabriel was already at home, Fernanda and Fabio learned that, after he was born, on April, 8th, 2011, at 1:30 pm, he was left in a small room of 1 meter by 1 meter, with little light without milk and without the love that his family wanted so much to give him. Doctors were wainting for his death, since he had been "scheduled" for 2 hours of life. As he was still alive, at 6 pm he received milk through a feeding tube and also received serum and antibiotics through an umbilical catheter.

Fabio Gabriel with his mother, when he was born (April, 8th, 2011)

Fabio Gabriel stayed 12 days with Fernanda in the hospital, when he received treatment with antibiotics. He was able to breastfeed for a week, but he got very tired and, for his comfort, he started to be fed by a feeding tube. After twelve days he could go home.
His parents had considered the possibility of doing his surgery (reconstruction of the skull with skin) in July, but the preoperative exams indicated a heart risk, and they decided to wait, since he was doing very well.

Fabinho started to receive a small daily dose of antibiotics to prevent infection. He also had to go to hospital to receive ferrous sulfate in the vein once a week for five weeks for treatment of anemia, because he was rejecting this medication orally. Thank God he always had a good answer to every treatment and care he received.

Recently, he began physical therapy and speech therapy at home, and was able to remove the feeding tube. Now he's nursing all the milk in a bottle! In physical therapy he is also having progress, he can sustain his head better and can lift it when in prone position. He just wants to sleep in parents' bed and during the day he wants to stay in his mother´s lap all the time. More evidences of how he feels and answers all love he receives from his family.
Like us, Fernanda and her husband Fabio have also faced challenges in search of competent, ethical and empowered dotors, that respect Fabio Gabriel´s life and give him the same treatment that every child is entitled, regardless of disability or malformation. The right to fight for life, receiving stimuli, care and dignity.

The last few weeks, Fabio Gabriel began to have an accumulation of liquor in a region of his opening in head, and his neurosurgeon said that now they can not wait more: it is necessary to do the surgery soon because he is running too many risks. But the anesthesiologists evaluated that it is too risky to submit him to general anesthesia.

Along with Fernanda and Fabio, we are praying and asking God to direct them and doctors on the better way to take care of Fabio Gabriel and operate him. May He continue protecting his life, which was received by his parents with gratitude and joy.

We also ask prayers for you all.

Seeing the huge smile on Fernanda and Fabio's face, I realize that there is no need to describe all their joy in loving and taking care of Fabio Gabriel. May God bless them and guide them to always do the best for their little angel.

two months old

Fabio Gabriel three months old

with his aunty Ana Luísa

Fábio Gabriel (five months old) with his speech therapist Elisa

She is very dedicated and has great affection for him


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