“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8



Hello, everyone. This is Vitoria's aunt, Ivana. Most of the posts of this blog have been written by my sister Joana, Vitoria's mom. I haven't been able to translate all of her posts yet, so I know most of you haven't seen Vitoria before her surgery, and also before she was home doing well. I wanted to post a flashback of her 9 months of life, mostly in pictures.

We celebrate every month Vitoria lives like it is her birthday. In the beginning, we celebrated every day, every week. My sister often says Vitoria taught her to live one day at a time, enjoying every single moment as if it were the last. Joana stopped thinking and worrying about the future. She nurtured her present, each and every moment she could hold her daughter, see her pretty eyes open, hear her cry, hold her hand... there was no other way. She learned to trust the Lord with all her heart, and let Him lead the way, otherwise her cross would be unbearable.

We hope this post, which shows Vitoria's rough beginning, may encourage others who are facing a pregnancy full of uncertainties to trust in the Lord with all their hearts, to put their worries in His hands and let Him lead the way.

Vitoria newborn, January 13, 2010.

One day of life, still in the incubator.

Four days of life, out of the incubator and in mommy's arms

First month of life: with grandma Alice, taking a bath.

First Month: meeting grandpa Bruno

With mommy, 24 days of life.

One month

Three generations

Two monthsAlign Center

Three Months, a little angry

Three Months: look how chubby she's getting!

Three Months: Breastfeeding

Celebrating Vitoria's 100 days of life

Four Months: Mother's Day

Four Months: Vicky pulled out her feeding tube!
Four Months: Recovering after surgery (which happened on May 19)

Four Months: one week after surgery

Four Months: Feeding tube not needed anymore

Five Months: doing well and going home
Five months after giving birth, Joana is finally taking her baby home.

Six Months: one month at home
Seven Months: trying to crawl

Eight Months: Our God is the God of the impossible

...and today, she is 9 months-old. So young and yet, so full of the glory of God!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! I cried the whole time that I was looking at the pictures! She is so beautiful and so full of life! She is proof to all these Drs that they are wrong! God is amazing!

  2. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these photos. She is an AMAZING little girl.

  3. The is such a sweetheart...and a little miracle! Thank you for sharing her with us:)

  4. She is so beautiful and such an ispiration! We love you all the way from NH! The Aubes

  5. She is precious and so cute.

  6. She brings love and medical science together in modesty.
    Few people in the human experience know such constructive modesty.
    Like Christ who was mocked, but is more alive than anyone after so long...


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