“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


No time, but with good news

Dear friends,

During these past few days we've had no time to write on the blog, neither to post pictures of our beloved Vitoria. We've been leaving home very early, and returning very late, spending the day without access to the internet. We also had a few changes we had adapt to. There was an attempt to tranfer Vitoria to another unit, to the Pediatrics ICU, but our health insurance did not authorize it. So last week Vitoria was transferred to another room shared with other babies at the NICU. Unfortunately, the nurses that cared for Vitoria are not working in this new shared room, therefore it has been a phase of adaptation, with a few difficulties for us, but we thank God because everything is working out and she is doing well!

Now she is expected to be released at any moment, and we are preparing the best way we can to receive her home. We ask for your prayers so that we may organize ourselves to give her all medical care she needs, and we also pray so that we can extend her health insurance. During all the time she was in the NICU, Marcelo's former employer company kept the insurance, but now that she doesn't need to be in the NICU anymore, her insurance may be canceled, and the other insurance we applied for does not cover her stay at the hospital just yet.

We wait in God for a provision, and we are doing everything we can to offer the best to our daughter.
We thank God immensely for our darling Vitoria, who may now go home and lift us up with her special and unique life.

We hope to be able to post more news and beautiful pictures very soon!

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