“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


It's time to live, it's time to play!

I´d like to show more pictures of our vacation, when Vitoria played in a swing seat. Grandma Alice gave her this swing seat, that can be hanged in a tree, on Christmas. We put our little girl in the swing and her first reaction was of scare. She felt insecure in a strange seat, far from our arms and from the ground. She got choked, started to cough and stayed with a face of fear and crying that broke our hearts. My mother was holding her firmly, but it didn´t work. We needed to take her in our arms and calm her.

help me, take me from here...

I´m afraid, mommy...

I didn´t like it...

She got calmer and safe in mom´s arms. So we tried again, very slow, with so much care. She made a face of question, trying to find out if she was liking or not this new play. I realized she was liking, in spite of being still a bit insecure.

it´s not so bad

maybe it can be good

closed eyes, it´s so different!


She kept her eyes opened, moving arms, raising her head up, as if she was saying: something is happening, this is really different!

We moved the swing slowly and softly, she liked and kept calm.

She was holding in the seat, but after some time she relaxed and inclined her head

problems with the hat

I guess I am liking this...

I´m not afraid anymore, I´m safe, I can till have a nap!

what are you looking?

I guess I´m having fun...

How good is to be here!


  1. Vitoria is so special and wonderful and so are her parents. Thanks so much for sharing her story. She is so cute with her little chubby arms and legs and long eyelashes.... Much love, Jo

  2. I think she will grow to LOVE that swing and the joy it brings her. So sweet!

  3. I loved looking at these pictures. They put a smile on my face! She is so precious.

  4. Today I heard this song for the first time, immediately I thought of Victora and your family! I hope you enjoy it too.

  5. So sweet, I am glad she got a little used to it. Such a brave little girl.


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