“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


How good it is to be loved

We are very happy because yesterday our baby could have the feeding tube removed, for she has been able to drink all milk from a bottle. It is a huge victory for her, who can now enjoy the milk that makes her grow and get strong, and after that, sleep on a full belly in mommy's, daddy's or any of her aunties' arms.
All the 'aunties' that take care of her are very focused in this new mission. We have experienced wonderful moments with our beloved Vitoria, who keeps her eyes wide open to be nursed, looks at us with a tender look of someone who is happy to be able to eat, and she even cries a bit when her bottle takes to long to arrive.

Yesterday she started receiving antibiotics as a preventive procedure, for the last blood test results indicated an alteration that may be the beginning of an infection. Such things are normal during the post-surgery weeks, while she still has a wide region of her body still in the process of healing. Besides, her surgeon nee
ded to apply two more stitches on a part of her skin that had opened a little bit. Overall, though, she is doing very well, being very active, being nursed, surprising us like a beautiful gift of God, fragile and delicate, that came to our lives to teach us to see beyond appearances, and to love beyond expectations; to live one day at a time and to value small gestures such as to be able to eat, breathe, live... 

And she keeps on living, ignoring all those people who said she would not live and, therefore, did not deserve the opportunity to be born.
She lives, as if saying: how good it feels to be loved exactly the way I am.

She came, perhaps to make us understand more about God's love.

Drinking her bottle with auntie Cida.

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