“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever”. Psalm 52:8


Heavenly Birthday - 3 years of Vitória!

All amazing things we received and learned from her life can not be compared to the little we had the privilege to offer her: our love of father and mother, a family, a name and a memory. 
A memory that we'll always respect and honor in gratitude, for the great treasures we received from her precious life!


  1. Thank you so much for your blog. I found it accidentally, but I've since fallen in love with your beautiful daughter. It makes me smile and cry to read about her life and to watch all the wonderful videos. I hope you are all doing well.

  2. I only recently discovered your blog, but I find myself visiting it regularly. I love your daughter and am sorry she is no longer here. Thank you for sharing your lives.

  3. Thank you so much for your blog. I found it accidentally also ,I love you guys and your beautiful daughter
    What a story of faith and power in Christ
    God bless you and thank you for sharing Vitoria with us
    God only picks amazing awesome parents to raise this angels for him.

  4. Thankyou so much for your beautiful testimony of your precious daughter Vitoria de Cristo! what a wonderful meaning! I write this with tears running my face; as I was searching for answers of what a anencephalic baby was, &wanted to see survivals after receiving an email from Amnesty international about a 22yr old lady from Elsalvador who was seriously ill & she needed an emergency C-section to save her & the baby's life from which she is recovering & sadly the baby died shortly after birth.
    What a wonderful record of the miraculous healing & faith in God Praise the Lord miracles still happen! & his everlasting love & mercy & grace.
    My prayers & thoughts are with you both as you approach the anniversary of the passing of your darling princess. May you find comfort through the Holy Spirit from the Everlasting Father.

  5. Thank you for sharing! Our God is an awesome God! What a wonderful gift from God, your Victoria!!! May your testimony be witness of our Lords undeniable everlasting love.. Let us never take one moment for granted for tomorrow is never guaranted. Prayers, blessings, & grace be multiplied unto you in the mighty name of Jesus!!!

  6. What a Gorgeous Little Lady!!! As her parents you're were handpicked; the chosen ones to raise this Miracle of Life!!! I admire you and I'm beyond inspired by you're strength, faith & hope. May we all take a life lesson and be grateful for what we have and not what we don't...I will never complain about pettiness again for U see others are dealing with more than myself. May the Good Lord continue to keep blessings raining upon ur family

  7. What a beautiful girl! Thank you for sharing the photos of her precious life here on earth.


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